Trojan Dryout Systems

TDOS 1000 heading to South Eastern USA

Here we have a TDOS 1000 HV unit leaving our factory, destined for a large Utility company based in south eastern part of the USA. This unit was sold by our Agents in that region, Utility Sales (https://www.utilitysales.com/)

This TDOS will be moved throughout the Utilities substations to progressively remove moisture and gases from their energised transformers. The end result will be extending the life of their assets for minimal ongoing cost.

Like all TDOS units, this comes standard with remote communications, allowing the operators to connect remotely to check on operating status, change treatment cycles, start & stop if necessary, and to download the water removal and operating data.

Remote communications also allows our staff to provide a high level of backup support and service, providing piece of mind for our customers.

We look forward to visiting shortly to conduct training with our customer. Feel welcome to reach out to Todd and the team at Utility Sales if you’d like us to also visit with you during that time.