Trojan Dryout Systems

POD Install

Last Friday, employee No. 001 (aka the Company Founder) was onsite in Sydney, Australia to oversee the final install & commissioning of a Trojan POD.

This is one of four PODs purchased by our Electric Utility customer, to go along with three TDOS 1000 HV units they already operate.

Each of the PODs is being installed on newly supplied transformers, for the express purpose of maintaining low levels of moisture right from the start of their operational lives.

Martin was onsite for the commissioning of the first unit only, with the customers’ crew going on to install the remaining units themselves over the next couple of weeks.

These particular units included safety isolation valves, which provide an additional layer of protection against oil loss. With the PODs being designed for unattended operation over the life of the transformer, we consider the safety valves a valuable option as they stop the flow of oil into the system in event of a fault or loss of power.

This is particularly important when operating on a larger oil volume transformer, which provides significant head pressure on the inlet side of the POD.

The customer also requested modems for these units, which they will access through their own comms network to download operating data & confirm operating status.

We are working with a number of transformer manufacturers who will look at offering the POD as an option on new transformers. Feel welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements.