Trojan Dryout Systems

TOVS to the USA

TOVS transformer image on display open front

Trojan Online Vacuum System

When drying out energised transformers, some customers prefer a vacuum based approach over an adsorbent system.

Factors such as oil temperature may dictate which option suits best. Considering the impact on the DGA profile is also important, but in the end,  both provide highly effective alternatives.

To compliment the work being done with their existing Trojan Online Vacuum System (TOVS), we’ve just dispatched another unit to this US customer.    

This unit has 16kW of oil heating, with the operators having the ability to set the exact oil temperature, or even turn off the heating altogether. This is beneficial at sites where insufficient amperage is available, of which our customer has a few.

A number of our customers have used their Trojan online systems to process oil in extremely cold conditions (-20 & below), and been able to remove gases and moisture down to very low levels without any oil heating being applied (incoming oil temp around Zero deg C).    

Regardless of whether it’s a vacuum based or absorbent Trojan system, the range of safety features;  simple to use operation; remote communications; and low ongoing maintenance requirements are what sets our systems about.

Chat to one of our distributors about which system would suit your requirements.