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Transformer Oil Processing Systems

Trojan Dry Out Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of power transformer oil care solutions for Utility, Industrial & Service Providers across the globe.

Designing and manufacturing equipment to operate in all environmental conditions, Trojan Dry-Out Systems have forged an impressive reputation, based on providing customers with safe, simple to use, high quality and cost effective solutions for measuring, removing & managing the various contaminants that develop in the oil and insulating cellulose of power transformers.


World Leaders in Transformer Oil Processing Equipment for use on Energized Power Transformers

Trojan Systems manufactures a wide selection of transformer oil filtration, oil purification and oil regeneration systems, but we specialise in equipment designed for online operation with energized power transformers.

Trojan's range of Online systems are recognised across the World as industry leading for simplicity of use, ease of operation, use of cutting edge technology, remote operating capabilities & most importantly, incorporation of numerous interlocked safety features.


Solutions for all Transformer Oil Filtration requirements

Trojan Systems designs & manufactures systems for:

  • Oil Regeneration / Oil Reclamation
  • High Vacuum Oil Degasification & Oil Purification Streamliners
  • Energized Transformer Dry Out - Adsorbent and Vacuum systems
  • Load Tap Changer filtration
  • Portable Dissolved Gas Analysers


Global Experience

Trojan Dry Out Systems has supplied transformer oil processing equipment to Customer's in the following Countries:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Europe
  • South East Asia
  • India
  • New Zealand


Technological, Safety & Environmental Benefits

An increasing number of Customers representing power transformer owners & service contractors across the globe continue to embrace the cutting edge technological, safety and environmental benefits that Trojan Dry Out Systems’ products bring to their own organisations.

This reputation has been built through continual Research & Development and a philosophy of bringing a unique approach to the problem, rather than imitation of other competitor’s products.

Trojan’s customers have been able to make their transformer assets safer to use whilst increasing the operational life span – all at a fraction of the cost of replacing these assets or insulating oil.

Please feel welcome to contact us directly to discuss your requirements.