Trojan Dryout Systems

World Leaders in Transformer Oil Processing Equipment

Trojan Dry Out Systems manufactures transformer oil care solutions for Utility, Industrial & Service Contractors across the world.

Our broad range of equipment allows transformer owners to effectively remove and manage contaminants present in power transformers that will have a significant impact on the operational capacity, safety and life expectancy of these critical assets.

Energized Power Transformers

We provide unique solutions that allow operators to safely connect to energised transformers to remove 

  • Moisture
  • Gases
  • Particulates

Our online systems are simple to operate, include numerous interlocked safety features and include features such as automatic filter regeneration and remote communications.

Trojan is a family owned Company that takes great pride and satisfaction in exporting our systems across the globe.


Please take some time to look over our website or feel welcome to contact Trojan or one of our Authorised Agents to discuss your requirements.