What We Do

Trojan Dry-Out Systems specialises in the manufacture of filtration equipment for the analysis & removal of moisture, gases, particulate, and acidity from transformers. We manufacture systems for use on energized and non-energized transformers, tank farms, and other oil-filled devices to extend the natural life of your transformer, reduce outages, and have a low ongoing cost of operation. Trojan is known across the globe for manufacturing systems that are simple to operate, include numerous interlocked safety features, and can be operated remotely.

Our Mission

Trojan Dry-Out Systems mission is to provide transformer owners and transformer maintenance contractors with state-of-the-art, highly effective oil filtration and oil processing equipment.

We design and manufacture systems that are easy and safe to operate and have a low ongoing cost of operation.

Trojan’s systems are innovative, economical, and sustainable, with our biggest selling systems based on patented technology, so you won’t find systems like ours, anywhere else.

Consultation & Support

Through years of experience in the industry, our team has gained extensive knowledge of transformers and processing oil. Our team can advise the best solution available for your requirements – which may be an existing system in our range or custom equipment specifically for you.

Trojan provides ongoing customer support via email, phone, or web-based meeting apps. We have developed a web-based communications package that allows operators to connect to their Trojan System remotely. We can diagnose faults, update firmware, and guide treatment programs.

Rental Systems

In certain territories, we work with third parties to make rental units available for hire. 

Contact us for further information on leasing a system for your transformer oil processing requirements.