About Us

World leaders in Transformer Oil Processing Systems

Like many innovative businesses, Trojan Dry-Out Systems started in its founder’s garage.

Martin established Trojan in 2002 after identifying a market opportunity for an energised transformer dry out system that didn’t alter the transformer oil DGA profile or require frequent, ongoing replacement of expensive filter elements.

Martin has continued developing the patented technology that is unique to Trojan Systems. Almost twenty years later, Trojan Dry-Out Systems is still a family-owned business and there are now Trojan systems in nearly every continent across the globe.

Trojan Dry-Out Systems specialises in the manufacture of filtration equipment for the analysis & removal of contaminants from transformers. We manufacture a range of systems for use on energised and non-energized transformers, tank farms, and other oil-filled devices for the removal of contaminants which reduce the operational capacity and life span of transformers and the insulating oil used in them. 

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our suppliers and customers so that we can provide you with the best systems and the best service possible. We have a large field of knowledge that we transfer to our customers to help make better-informed decisions on dealing with their expensive and critical transformer assets.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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