Posted by Nathan Cropp
POD stainless steel construction transformer

POD Transformer

Permanent online moisture management is becoming more common as a greater number of transformer owners take steps to keep the moisture content in the insulation at low levels right from the commissioning of the transformer.

This has proven benefits both in terms of operational life of the transformer, and ongoing maintenance requirements.

NZ-Rather than take a me-too approach, Trojan designed a system significantly different from our competitors, and built into the design features that remove the security issues and potential for oil leakage concerns of other units.

These are the first of 11 Trojan POD units being shipped to a brand new coal powered generation site in Asia. The POD was selected by the Site owner and transformer manufacturer because of its design features and significant moisture holding capacity using highly adsorbent molecular sieve media.

These units include two water in oil sensors; multiple communication platforms; stainless steel construction; oil leak protection and automatic isolation form the transformer in event of fault, and will maintain moisture down to very low levels for the life of the transformer.

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