Posted by Nathan Cropp

One of the first systems out the door after returning from COVID-19 lockdown was this Trojan LTCF (Load Tap Changer Filter) for a community owned Utility in the US Midwest.

The Supervisor and his crew required a portable system that they can use on energised or de-energised equipment to remove carbon, particulate and moisture from their LTC’s, circuit breakers and main switches.

This system includes three stages of particulate removal, and significant adsorbent capacity for moisture reduction.

Other features include PLC control, numerous interlocked safety cut-outs, and a remote communications modem, and full stainless steel construction, including the canopy.

The crew can also add or remove oil from the LTC whilst it is online.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be dispatching systems for customers in Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the US.

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