TDOS off to USA

On a beautiful winter's day another TDOS system is on its way to one of our customers in Western Tennessee, USA

Trojan will be following in August to offer full training on the unit as well as meeting with other customers and agents.

If you would like to arrange a meeting please feel free to get in touch with your local agent or direct to arrange this.

Gibson Delivery S

Welcome Diane

We’d like to warmly welcome Diane to the Trojan family.

Diane joins us with an extensive background in administration, purchasing, accounts and sales support. 

Welcome Diane!

Diane s

New System - PNG

With an extremely short lead time, we manufactured a 160 M3 / hr. vacuum pumping system for an existing customer in Papua New Guinea. After a number of transformers experienced significant issues caused by recent earthquakes, there was an urgent need for a piece of equipment to pull vacuum on their transformers after repairs had been done.

Thank you for trusting us to get this manufactured quickly for you.

USA trip and MEA Conference

Another visit to the US this month saw Trojan meeting with customers across several States, as well as attending the MEA conference in Springfield, IL, which was a great success.

We had a great time meeting  with existing and prospective customers and catching up with our Agents in the area, Stacey & Ray from Electrorep Energy Products.

Fortunate timing also meant that we could attend the Indy Grand Prix!

GP 1 s

GP 2 s

South East Asia Trip

Late April saw Trojan travelling through several Countries in South East Asia, visiting with customers as well as Agents to establish broader distribution and service backup throughout the region.

We had the opportunity to present to several large groups of Engineers and senior management with one existing customer, covering the benefits of portable online moisture and gas removal over offline systems. We also took the time to introduce some of the other products in our range, particularly the Trojan POD.

End of Financial Year 2018

We are pleased to announce that the 2017-18 financial year has been our best ever, with the result based on the back of continued support from existing customers who return to purchase further systems and the continued development of new sales territories, such as Europe.

Thanks to all of our customers, Agents, Distributors, suppliers and the Trojan team.

2018-19 has started off very strong with a number of orders already on the books.

Tank Farm

Trojan has completed a unique project for a New Zealand based customer – designing and building a tank farm facility that would allow the customer to store, move and process transformer oil.

Working closely with the customer, we installed 5000l / 1320 gall. double skinned oil tanks; stainless steel piping to move oil between the tanks, transformer workshop and tanker bay; and PLC control to automate the process.

Our customer can now always know the oil levels in all tanks, and move oil between tanks and work areas without leaving the transformer bay.

It was a fantastic job that our staff enjoyed working on.

Tank Farm 1

Tank Farm 2

Welcome to our New Agents & Distribution Partners

2017 saw several new Agents and Distribution Partners join the global Trojan Dry Out Systems team.

We would like to welcome:

Electrorep (USA -eastern MO / Southern IL)
Associated Utility Supplies (United Kingdom)
Hyd et Au Fluids (France)
Fluid Power Engineering Services (Australia).

We look forward to working with you all.

6 TDOS Units off to the UK

We’re excited to be sending 6 TDOS units into the UK for one Utility.

The systems – of varying flow rates - will be the first online dry out systems used by our customer and they will be used across their network to provide an accurate understanding of water contamination issues, as well as the ability to remove moisture and gasses on energised transformers down to very low levels.

A representative of the Utility travelled to our Factory for acceptance testing and in between training and testing, was able to take in a few of the sites around Christchurch.

Portable TDOS in the Caribbean

Upon a successful bid for a portable, online transformer dry out system and degassing system for a Caribbean Utility, Nathan from Trojan drew the short straw and ventured off to conduct training for the customer on a TDOS 1000 HV in this Island paradise.

The TDOS was mounted on a trailer that we had shipped from Miami and as per the customer’s request, we fabricated the canopy out of high quality stainless steel to combat the sea spray from the Atlantic Ocean.

We would like to thank our customer for their hospitality and giving us the opportunity to do something quite unique – the TDOS looked fantastic.

If you require something a little bit different – either to suit environmental conditions, or for a particular application- feel welcome to contact us to discuss further.