OMS 4 training in NSW Australia

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Shortly after delivery of their Trojan OMS 4, a large industrial customer welcomed Trojan to undertake training. The OMS 4 will be used on energised transformers of smaller oil volume to remove moisture, with the option of also removing acidity when required.



Western Power Training

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During a visit to Australia in early March, Trojan travelled to Perth to conduct training on Western Powers two latest TDOS 2000 systems. At Western Power's request both systems were fitted with freeze traps, so they can quantify the volume of water being removed from their transformers when using the Trojan's.


OMS Cart to Costa Rica

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A proud moment for Trojan as we dispatch our first systems into Central America. The OMS Cart is headed to Costa Rica to be used by a service contractor on their customers smaller distribution transformers with moisture related issues.

The customer selected the OMS Cart over an offline process because it would provide better long term results & create less disruption to their business.



The Trojan POD - Customer Trial in India

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Trojan dispatches a Trojan POD to India for a large Utility customer to trial. The customer intends to permanently install moisture management systems like the Trojan POD on all new transformers, as well as retrofitting to existing transformers.

The Trojan POD has been completely redesigned, and is a significant departure from competitors offerings, with safety & oil loss prevention being two major points of difference.


TDOS 3000 to US Customer

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Delivery was made to a US Customer of their new TDOS 3000. Selected as the successful bidder, Trojan ensured the systems was delivered well before the end of 2013.



Season's Greetings From Trojan Dry Out Systems

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From the whole team at Trojan Dry Out Systems we would like to wish all of our customers, agents, suppliers and friends all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Trojan in the USA

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Trojan's will be in the US & Canada for a few weeks in September visiting Agents and Customers across a number of States and Provinces.

Trojan at The Kansas Line Supervisor's Association Meeting

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Trojan is privilged to be speaking at The Kansas Line Supervisor's Association Meeting, Thursday September 26th. 

Feel free to stop by, introduce yourself and ask any questions about our Trojan Products


Trojan in Australia

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Trojan's head Engineer visits Australia in September to commission a new system in Tasmania, as well as visiting customers in Sydney. The response during commissioning has been fantastic, with operators excited about the opportunity to use a new piece of equipment that will significantly alter their current work practices.

Introducing the new Trojan OMS Cart - Compact, Portable, Effective

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We’ve redesigned the OMS Cart to make it even easier to move into and around areas where space is an issue. Typically purchased by Utilities or Service Contractors for use on network of smaller oil volume transformers,  the OMS Cart is pPerfect for underground networks, as well as industrial and commercial applications, the OMS Cart is very effective at removing moisture in the oil and cellulose down to very low levels. In the field, moisture readings have been consistently down as low as 1ppm.